General Studies Paper I for Civil Services Preliminary Examination (2016)

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Access publications has prepared the book, ‘General Studies Paper I (2016) for Civil Services Preliminary Examination’ with a view of helping students in the preparation for the Civil Services Preliminary Examination. This book is created according to the framework and syllabus provided by Union Public Service Commission, which conducts this prestigious exam. A team of subject experts who have extensive experience have designed this book. The language is lucid and easy to understand.

This book includes an Environment and Ecology section with 18 updated maps along with detailed description of 52 National Parks and 12 Wetlands. The maps are labelled neatly and are created according to the latest information. Information on national parks and wetlands is detailed and reliable. Section on Indian Polity and Governance is detailed with 85 multiple choice questions and there are 50 MCQs in Physics Portion of General Science plus 40 MCQs in Biology. The section on Economics and Social development is given more attention as recent developments have changed various aspects of these subjects and the authors have ensured that the latest updates are incorporated in this book. Furthermore, to give students additional practice, this book comes with question papers of previous years. Explanatory notes are provided on these papers which discuss ideal solutions and the nature of these questions. Model answers of these papers are given to ensure that students understand the accurate answering technique and have proper knowledge of paper pattern and marking scheme.

About the Author

Majid Husan is the former head of the Geography Department of the reputed Jamia Milia Islamia university located in New Delhi. D R Khullar retired as the Principal of the Government Post Graduate College in Kalka. N D Arora has worked with the University of Delhi and PGDAV College in the past as an associate professor.

Ashok Kumar Singh is a much reputed mentor, education consultant and author. A R Khan has had a long substantial career as a General Studies teacher to many IAS aspirants since the year 1992. He is also a mentor, author and consultant.

N K Bajaj is the former head of the Physics department in St. Stephen’s college, Delhi University. S Maitra is an Economics associate professor of the H C College, affiliated with the University of Calcutta.

Mr Maitra is a former bureaucrat and also a mentor to IAS aspirants. S B Husain works for the Al- Falah School of Engineering and Technology (Dhauj) as an associate professor in the Physics department.

Vimal Rarh works as an assistant professor for the SGTB Khalsa College, Delhi University.

Thus the book, ‘General Studies Paper I (2016) for Civil Services Preliminary Examination’ is an effective study guide for Civil Services Preliminary Examination.


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