Geography Lectures in Hindi

Geography Lecture in Hindi

Geography is a science that seeks to analyze the physical environment as well as study human influences to and interactions with the environment. Thus, this discipline examines the various physical forces that help shape
the landscape and the role that humans play in the alteration of the landscape. Geography is a spatial and temporal science. A geographer will study the spatial and temporal distribution of vegetation across the globe, the physical forces leading to earthquakes and volcanoes, the historical and future arrangements of human societies across the planet, and the reasons behind differing climates from one part of the world to the next—presently, historically, and predicatively. The field is strongly interdisciplinary with roots in the physical and cultural sciences.

The lecture of Geography in Hindi  is divided into 53 important sections, which are in turn described briefly. These lectures are taken from Lucent’s Samanya Gyan. In this audio playlist the author covers all important topics of Geography in Hindi language.

The hard copy of Samanya Gyan which is the Hindi version of Lucent’s General Knowledge can be bought by clicking the following link.

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The hard copy of Lucent’s General Knowledge [English version] can be bought by clicking the following link.

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