Economics Lectures in Hindi

Economics Lectures in Hindi

The word ‘Economics’ originates from the Greek work ‘Oikonomikos’ which can be divided into two parts:
(a) ‘Oikos’, which means ‘Home’, and
(b) ‘Nomos’, which means ‘Management’

Economics means ‘Home Management’. The head of a family faces the problem of managing the unlimited wants of the family members within the limited income of the family. In fact, the same is true for a society also. If we consider the whole society as a ‘family’, then the society also faces the problem of tackling unlimited wants of the members of the society with the limited resources available in that society. Thus, Economics means the study of the way in which mankind organises itself to tackle the basic problems of scarcity. All societies have more wants than resources. Hence, a system must be devised to allocate these resources between competing ends.

The lectures of Economics in Hindi  is divided into 13 important sections, which are in turn described briefly. These lectures are taken from Lucent’s Samanya Gyan. In this audio playlist the author covers all important topics of Economics in Hindi language. The playlist will start paying automatically once loaded or you can play manually.



The hard copy of Samanya Gyan which is the Hindi version of Lucent’s General Knowledge can be bought by clicking the following link.


The hard copy of Lucent’s General Knowledge [English version] can be bought by clicking the following link.

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